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You thought Digimon Tamers was A kids show? Let this sink in A bit…

According to Konawa’s (The creator of Digimon Tamers) site, there are many scrapped ideas that didn’t make it into the show. Most of the scrapped ideas focus around the character Jeri Katou. A character who litterally goes through hell near the end of the series. However, would you believe me if I told you everything she went through has A far darker meaning that what was actually shown?

According to Konaka’s site, Jeri’s parents were originally planned to be involved in A sex trade. With her father being in charge of A prostitution organization, and her mother being A prostitute herself. At some point after the two met they they fell in love and accidentally conceived A baby girl by the name Jeri.

Originally her trauma after her mothers death was going to focus mainly around her fear of becoming A prostitute and ending up in the same situation her mother was in. 

(the Jeri clone represents this side of her in A seductive frightening way perfectly.)

This is why almost all of the D-reapers designs appear to be related to motherhood. Most of the agents of the D-reaper are attached to the D-reaper by A cable. 

These cables are suppose to represent the umbilical cord of A newborn. That’s why they are all connected to the mother.

The D-reaper sphere is made to represent A womb, which is why Jeri is trapped inside it. Yes, she’s trapped inside the mothers womb.

The Mother D-reapers mask represents A females reproductive organs. The “Womb that Jeri is trapped inside is in the direct center of the mask, with A sideways opening to the middle. The panels on its head represents the fallopian tubes.

See the resemblance yet?…

The motherhood symbolism really fits well with the death of her mother too. the point of all this was to show Jeri’s representation of sex after the loss of her innocence after going through the death of her mother and leomon.

So. What do you think? is Digimon Tamers still A kids show to you, or is it something more?

Either way, I think we can all agree on one thing…

Digimon Tamers is f*cked up.

Everything taken directly off this site»> http://www.konaka.com/alice6/tamers/

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Me lo esperaba… después de volver a ver el anime siendo mayor.


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